The Positive Page is a small company created in 2017 with the aim of helping people with their mental health, self love and positivity. The Positive Page as a company consists of two things: the community and the products. In our shop we design and sell positivity themed products. Each product is made with the purpose of supporting people in a small way mostly though through affirmative reminders. Every month we run a monthly subscription service called Hopeful Helpful Postcards which provide a regular symbol of encouragement in the form of a letter.


Our community is dedicated to building a bridge of communication between those who don’t yet understand mental health with those who suffer with it. We want them to be educated on how it affects someone and what things they can do to help. Our primary goal for those who are diagnosed with a mental disorder to feel more understood by those around them. We do this through various forms of experienced based awareness, and by sharing real people’s journeys living with mental illness. By improving the communication and education of mental health we believe it will enable more people to think they are allowed to open up about how they feel. Living with a mental disorder often affects people long term, however, we want them to feel they are still able to do things, and to not feel ashamed about struggling. We want to offer reassurance and to help others feel less alone in their times of need.


There are a number of ways you can get involved with our community. You can share your story by taking part in our ‘talk about your mental health’ series. This is a series we post on our instagram and website where you can write your journey with mental illness which we hope to inspire those without support to reach out. You can also upload something to our experiences page. This is where people have shared what they have found helpful and unhelpful during recovery to give others ideas of how to help themselves. You can join all of our projects (primarily hosted on instagram) such as Spread Smiles Project, Makes Me Smile Day and our on-going mental empowerment campaign ‘#we are still brave’ which you can read more about here. We film awareness videos for our youtube channel and are always looking for people individuals who would like to take part in a video.

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