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We are looking for volunteers to help share their experiences with mental illness to help build a bridge of communication to those who don’t yet understand mental health and want to know more about it. We want to work to push forward and talk about mental health in more depth but to do that we need people who are willing to take part in making things that help us to make posts, pages, videos ect which raise awareness. If you are interested in sharing your experience to help us to do this then we would really appreciate you applying to become a contributor.

Whats involed?

Theres a number of ways we will ask for your contribution:

• Written Information for our awareness pages such as 'Support Ideas'

•Video content. Starting in the autum we are launching a  youtube channel with mental health themed videos. These videos will be made with locds of clips from the contributers. The way the videos work is there will be a topic and questions we will ask you to anwser. You will film yourself anwsering the question/topic and send us the clip of yourself. We wiill edit them into one long video (Just to let you know these videos will NOT be monitized) 

• Polls and questionanaires used for our awareness posts on instagram!

• Sharing your jouney fighting your mental health. You can see them here 

• Replying to worry box submissions.


• You do not have to take part in all of the different types of contributions.

• You do not have to take in every task sent to you.

• There will be more information that comes with each task! 

•We will contact you Via email AND in our contributer facebook group which you will need to join.

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