What 'Being Positive' Means to us

To us  positivity isn't happiness, a lot of the time when people say 'be positive' people read it as 'be happy' but to us that’s not why I use the word. We thing being positive is finding hope even though you might be going through a hard time. Still seeing good the things around you and doing your best to focus on those good and enjoyable things. You don’t have to feel happy and you don’t even have to pretend to, you can be as sad or upset as you want but still have positivity. You can say today I’m feeling absolutely horrible, I’m struggling so much and it is really hard BUT it might be better tomorrow, I can do this, I can fight this. To us, positivity is loads of small things build together to make your strength. We know being able to do that is really HARD. Finding a place where you can still hold onto your positive thoughts is difficult and that’s why you have friends and why the internet can be such a helpful place, because others can remind you that YOU can be positive.


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