Makes me smile day is on the 25th of June and is an annual positivity day we created to celebrate the enjoyment in life. We want to encourage you to focus on the things that you enjoy and things that make you happy (rather than all the things that you’re finding hard right now!) On this day we remember that you are deserving of happiness and fun, that you’re not alive just to battle through, that you’re allowed to have fun too! We want to spread a bit of positivity across the internet and onto people’s social media feeds. Anyone can join in, all you have to do is print of the sign, fill in the gap with something that makes you smile and post the picture to your instagram! Be sure to tag us (@thepositivitypages) and use the event hashtag #makesmesmileday. You can put anything you like on the sign, it can be anything from the smallest thing to something that means a lot to you. We cannot wait to see all your posts on the day!


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