Todays #mentalhealthmonday post is about anxiety disorders. For some reason because having anxiety is more common than other mental illnesses people assume it's not as difficult for the person suffering, this is fact is not true.  Anxiety is a genuine disorder which can hage crippling effects on the sufferer. If someone has anxiety they are not doing it on purpose. If someone is having a panic attack it is out of their control. Heres some dos and donts when someone you know it panicking. Do's - Stay calm as much as you can - Stay with the person unless they asked you not to be - try to say calming phrases like "this will pass" "you are safe" because right now this person is terrified. Don't - Get angry, this makes the person feel like they are doing something wrong - Get inpatient - Shout at them - Leave them to deal with it on their own Remember that when someone is panicking everything seems more scary, so many them feel safe is the main priority.

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