Ask for Help

For this week of #mentalhealthmonday I want to talk about something which is mostly aimed at people suffering from mental illnesses.  The stigma of people who have a mental illness and asking for help means they are attention seeking needs to be put right. When someone asks for help OR disscusses their emotional health with you they are not looking for attention. They most likely don't know what to do and want advice or feel scared or lonely. They are not attention seeking. If somone struggled to do a piece of work and they asked for help because they couldn't do it. You wouldn't call then an attention seeker. If somone was feeling ill and they asked for assistance you wouldn't call them as attention seeker. So why call people who ask for help and advice because they stuggle in their minds that.  If you are finding it really difficult in your mind, with your mood or doing everyday things. If you are mentally ill it is OKAY to ask for help. It is good. Asking for help and talking about your mental health issues is the best thing you could possibly do to help you. Dont suffer in silence on your own. There are people who care and want to help, trust just have to find them.

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