Bipolar is not Being Moody

Post number two for day number four of #mentalhealthawarenessweek2018 is about Biploar Disorder. I wrote a post explaining Biploar and the two different versions of it a few months back if you are intrested in reading more. Today I wanted to disscuss the stigma that the words 'moody' and 'biploar' are interchangeable and why this isn't the case. Using the word biploar as an adjective or to describe someone who is grumpy and having mood swings isn't okay. Biploar is a serious mental illness which makes the people who suffer from it lifes really hard. Everyone suffers mood swings. Everyone is moody sometimes but not everyone has Biploar because thats not what it is. A suffer of biploar experiences manic and depressive episodes both of which can be really scary and much like other mental illnesses, it can become dangerous for themsevles. These episodes are out of their control and if left untreated can result on hospitalization. However another stigma I've seen pop up is the idea that people with Biploar are dangerous to others and that you should be scared of them. This however is not the case. Being Biploar does not automatically or inherently make someone violent. What is a depressive episode? When someone feels sevear levels of depression. Feeling low, worthless, like life is pointless, little engery or want to do anything, difficulties in concentrating or doing tasks and possibly having thoughts of self harm or suicide. What is a mainic episode? Speed up thoughts, poor decision making, exaggerated self-confidence, lots of energy, feeling irritable or very distracted. These can cause someone to do things they wouldn’t normally ans could mean they regret when the come down from the episode. Mania can last from 4 days (hypomania) to weeks to even months and in severe cases can cause someone to be hospitalized or experience psychosis. Biploar is a very serious illness and by joking about this it means that you are not only being insensitive but are adding to the stigma which causes Biploar not to be understood correctly. Suffering with Biploar is so hard for people and they battle on a daily basis. They are so strong and deserve so much credit for their battle

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