Eating Disorder Awareness

It's #eatingdisorderawarenessweek#NEDA2019 and I wanted to start of by talking about one of the most common myths of Eating Disorders. The stereotype that you have to be 'thin' to have an eating disorder is just simply not true. For starters theres more than one type of Eating Disorder (which I am to discuss later on in the week). Not all eating disorders are restrictive and even the ones that are theres no certain way someone has to look to be suffering from this. Eating Disorders are MENTAL illnesses which mean they're in your mind. Yes a lot of them have physcial effects on people's bodies however this is NOT always visible. Someone can be suffering severely with an ED and be any weight. Someone can be suffering with restricted Eating and still be any weight (YES you heard me. Anorexia is NOT and never has been only something 'under weight' people have. It is NOT an adjective to describe someones body size). Telling someone who has an Eating Disorder that they don't have one simply based on YOUR Incorrect image of what it is is wrong. It is harmful. It will damage their thinking. If someone comes to you and opens up about their stuggles with eating, be kind. Listen to them. Take them seriously. Help them to get help. Talking about eating is so scary for people who suffer with EDs and the fact they're opening up to you is amazing. Do not them tell them how they are/are not feeling. Please don't act on stigma, educate yourself on the correct facts.

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