Eating Disorder Stigma

#edawarenessweek This week is eating disorder awareness week and heres the first post to kick start! Eating disorders are not all about food, they are a complex mental illness which causes extreme low self esteem and extreme levels of self hate. When someone suffers with an eating disorder its not just effecting them at meal times. Its there all time and effects many things such as relationships with people, dressing yourself, buying clothes, going out, concentration and many other things. Everything you do revolves food and it takes up the majority of your time and energy in the day obsessing over this. This is not their choice. They have an illness. When you have an eating disorder you feel worthless, disgusting, its not just a matter of being thin or wanting to be thin. If you are suffering form an eating disorder thank you so much for being brave and strong, you can fight this 💖

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