Health Anxiety

Health Anxiety (hypochondria) is a type of anxiety where someone experiences irrational thoughts based on their physcial or mental well-being and engages in unhealthy and potentially dangerous behaviours as a result of these thoughts. People with health anxiety live in constant fear that they are ill, that theres something wrong with them or that they're developing some kind of detrimental illness. They fear illness and spend a lot of the time fearing doing things because of this. Health Anxiety is exhausting, frustrating and scary. Constantly believing you're dying or that you're dangerously ill. Constantly checking symptoms. I will post more about the thoughts and behaviours in the three posts to come. If you know someone with health anxiety, please don't tell them they are over reacting or being stupid. Hypochondria is a real and scary illness, their fears and response are not purposeful or their own fault.

Heres some examples of behaviours caused by health anxiety. This in no way is all of them and remember that not everyone presents the same symptoms so some people with health anxiety may not experience some of these behaviours!

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