Helping a Loved One with Their Mental Health

Its Day 5 of #mentalhealthawarenessweek2018 & today's topic is difficult to talk about in a generic way because everyone suffers with different illnesses. This said I think theres some general points on how you can help that are worth stating.

1. If you know their diagnosis, research it. Knowledge is key, if you understand something to the best of your ability it means that you know more of how someones suffering which could make you more aware of triggers & things that would be helpful to them. 2. Be patient. Mental illness is really difficult to explain & some people even find it harder to talk to people they love rather than people they dont know. Telling somebody how you feel isn't always easy so be gentle with them because of that. Try your best to accept the symptoms of their illness rather than getting angry at them. For example of someone suffers with panic attacks don't shout at them to calm down or tell them they are being ridiculous. Each of their symptoms happen for a reason: they are mentally ill. 3. Understand that they are likey to be as frustrated as you are that they are feeling this way. Blaming someone of how they feel as if they want to feel that way or are doing it on purpose makes them feel like a burden & poses the question to themselves of if they should hide their illness & if how they feel is wrong. 4. Don't treat them like they are insane. Most people with mental illness want to be talked to in the same way others are. Patronising or talking down to them can make them feel stupid 5. This point may not be appropriate for everyone but if you are confused about their illness or how it effects them, ask them. They are literally a human being, however if they don't feel like talking about it don't push them to. 6. If you wanted to you could find some resources that they might find helpful. Please note that a lot of people could have done this for themselves & tried things to aid their mental health already. Unfortunately it can be so frustrating seeing someone you love going through something so horrible but you have to remember you cannot fix their illness and no one expects you too. Make sure you look after yourself in the process

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