Helping Someone who's tackling an anxiety

When reading this please take into account: -Everyone has panic attacks about different things. - People can have panic attacks because of other mental illnesses not just an anxiety disorder. - If you don't know what to say, saying nothing is better than getting angry/shouting/or insulting them - Even if you don't personally UNDERSTAND why they are having a panic attack you CAN still be kind and calm. You can still acknowledge they are panicking and say something encouraging rather than questioning them in a un-supportive tone. - If you don't know what to say/ you dont really know the person very well you can ask if theres anything to do to help. If they dont need or want your help that is NOT a personal insult to you. Everyone deals with things in different ways, not everyone can talk when panicking and not everyone wants to share why they are panicking. Some people preffer to calm down on their own, others need help. Both are valid and asking is okay. - They know you're not a mental health professional so they dont expect you to fix them. Please just be kind. - The person panicking is more likey to be 10x more frustraited then you because they hate the way anxiety is controlling how they are feeling/acting. They are likely to want to be able to do the scary thing without feeling scared. - They are likely to be trying really hard please give them credit for that. - You can't always see panic attacks as well as you think. - Just because you can't see it doesnt mean its not there.

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