It's Okay to find something hard

Its #mentalhealthmonday  The image above shows something that may be very difficult for people with mental health issues. What looking simple "survive" may feel so diffucult, daily.  Offen people with mental health issues are find everyday things harder than people who dont suffer from mental illnesses. Sometimes, others don't understand why this is so hard for them and this is why we need to talk more about what people suffer with and why things are so difficult.  If someone you know can't do something that to you is easy and simple please try to understand that for them, it may be immensly hard. Things like eating, getting up, leaving the house, sitting in class or going to work. Going on public transport for example buses or trains. Many more things which lots of people do everyday is hard. It becomes a battle to function on a daily basis. This does not make them stupid, or weak or inconvenient, annoying or attention seeking. It means they find something hard. Everyone finds something hard just because theres is "easy" doesnt make them stupid.  If all you do today is get up, well done. Give yourself a sticker because honestly you're winning. 

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