It's okay to have bad days

Having a hard time is okay. We need to start looking at mental health as we would physical health. If you felt ill you would take time out, look after yourself and everybody would see that as normal. You are ALLOWED to do this for your mental health too. It is not stupid and it doesn't mean you are attention seeking. Everything that happens inside your head is valid too because it changes how you feel, how you see yourself which can be debilitating and terrifying. Just because you can't see it doesn't mean its not there. Feelings can be just as harmful as a broken bone or a serious problem with your physical health. It shouldn't be a shameful thing to say to people in your work place, or at school, or to your family that you are mentally ill. That you need to take time out because its too hard. You shouldn't have to feel guilty or judged because of this. However there is STILL a negative stigma about this. People still won't treat people with mental illness equally to someone who is physically ill. Don't discriminate, if you dont understand it, why not read about it so you can, or ask the person how their illness effects them. Theres nothing wrong with asking what you can do it help. It doesn't need to be something we are all silent about because of fear that we could offend someone or because we don't understand something. There are so many places you can read about mental health that is better and more in depth than a NHS symptom list. There are so many people who are mentally ill who talk about their battle daily. This silence isn't necessary and it doesnt take much to put in a little time to understand why. Education is the key to understanding and personally I think the best people to educate are those who have gone through it. If you won't do it for someone else's sake do it for your own. If you don't suffer yourself or dont know someone that does at this point in your life its very likely you will down the line. Mental illness is common and if you can recognise the signs quickly enough if someone you care about was to suffer with mental illness, you could just save their life. You can do that if you dont educate yourself.

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