Its okay if all you did today was breathe

Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. If all you did today is breathe than that is okay because if doing anything else is too much today then you dont have to do it. Make mental health your priority. It is more vital than a grade, or a job or a class. YOU and your emotional well being is SO IMPORTANT. If your mental health is bad doing things which will make it worse is not going to help, you're allowed to take time out to deal with it. You're allowed to have a break, without being ashamed of why you're taking one. Same goes with medication. If you take medication to help your mental health that is not shamefull either. Finding something that works for you is key and you should be allowed to keep trying different methods of therapy or medication untill you find one that helps without feeling shameful. If you have a mental illness YOU ARE NOT DOING ANYTHING WRONG. Please remember that you dont need to feel guilty, or stupid or usless because its not your fault at all. Having a mental illness does not change your worth, intelligence or capability. Theres nothing wrong with taking a break to look after yourself. It is not selfish. You're so strong and sometimes you just some time out.

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