Mental Health at School

I cant believe its day 4 of #mentalhealthawarenessweek2018 and today's focus is mental health in schools or at work. Over the last couple of years I feel there has been movement in awareness in both of these places however I still don't feel enough has been done and that students and employees still do not feel able to express problems at work caused by their mental health in the same way they would physical health. This is often because of fear of judement however if EVERYONE was more educated on mental health in a proper way, (this does not mean they can list three statistics of the growing rate of suicide or how many people are diagnosed. This does not *just* mean they can say that they will not treat you differently because of your mental health) it means they need to know more on what a mental illness is and how to help someone with it. In my personal experience with both work and school i have found that they people of authority do try to understand but asking you the questions like 'is there anything we can do to support you' this is good but i cant help but feel this question is always underlined with confusion and fear of offending someone. If people were educated on dealing with panic attacks and manic and depressive episodes ect in even a basic level this gap between someone is is struggling to attend work or school becsuse of fear, and someone has not experienced this can be closed a bit. I think schools are particularly needing this now more than ever with the change im exams causing students to experience panic attacks because of added pressure. Here are some things I have found helpful in communicating my mental illness: - Make them aware of your illness (this arguably is the hardest) they cannot assume and therefore cannot support you if they are not aware - Talk to your therapist about work/school and if necessary they are allowed to contact work/school to help explain a situation. - If you find the exam period of exams itsself hard talk to your teacher about why. They can arrange concessions which make it easier for you mentally - if email is easier do that - telling people around me so they can help too (friend/colleague)

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