Mental illnesses are not a joke

Its another week of #mentalhealthmonday this week the image above discusses how mental disorders are used in day to day life as insults and adjectives.  Im going to explain this in more detail. For example, when someone says "im so OCD" 1. That doesnt make sense and 2. What they really mean is "i like it to be tidy". Using these words when you dont have the disorder makes people with the disorder feel invalid. OCD is a serious mental health isssue which causes a huge amount of distressed on the person that has it and when you call yourself OCD and are absolutely fine it makes them feel like they are being stupid and are invalid. This does for all the examples above.  Saying "shes so anorexic" makes people with anorexia feel invalid because eating disorders are a MENTAL illness not a body type and you can't call someone anorexic just because they are thin.  If you use any of these phrases or ones simlar please think before you speak next time and understand that there are real people that suffer with them everyday.

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