Myths of Mental illness

Goood morning it is #mentalhealthmonday here!Common myths of mental illnesses.

1. People with mental illnesses are more violent. This isnt the case only 3-5% of violet acts are down to people with mental illnesses. And keep in mind that people with mental illnesses are 10 time more likely to be a victim of violence themselves. 2. People with eating disorders have to be thin to have an eating disorder. Eating disorders are mental disorders, their disorder isnt their weight, body size or shape. Their disorder is in their mind. 3. Kids/teens cant get mental illnesses Someone can get a mental illness at any age and it is just as valid, just as hard and just as real as an adult. 4. A mentally ill person can smile or laugh or feel happy sometimes. They are still human beings. They still have emotions, if they laugh or smile it doesnt mean they sudenly are better and dont have a mental illness anymore. 5. People with OCD "love" keeping things neat and tidy. Firstly please know that not everyone with OCD has compulsions related to cleanliness. However for those who do they do NOT love it. For them it is not a choice, cleaning and keeping thing tidy is a ritual that if they do no compelete it they will have crushing anxiety. Please note: "im so OCD" doesnt make sense. 6. Someone with an eating disorder is recovered when their weight is restored  Eating disorder are complex mental disorders. They need psychological therapy to help them with their disorder because of reasons stated in point 2. 7. People with eating disorders choose to have them simmlarly to someone on a diet. This couldn't be more incorrect they do no choose to be mentally ill. 8. Anorexia and bulimia are the only real eating disorders. This isnt true there are others including - Binge eating disorders (BED) - Night eating syndrome - selective eating disorder (SED) - purging disorder - Pica - and others 9. You can only have depression because of a sad event happening to you  If something bad happens e.g a loved one dies, you are more at risk of being depressed however depression isnt always from a specific event. 

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