Restrictive ED's

Restrictive Eating Disorders are complex mental disorders which don't disappear as soon as someone eats. It takes therapy and professional help to deal with their thought processes and feelings which are causing their unhealthy behaviours. It's common for others to think that someone is recovered or not struggling just because they seem ‘a healthy weight’ or they seem to eat. Someone can be and do both of those things and still be in high levels of stress inside their mind. Once again, you can't always seen an Eating Disorder. If it happens that someone with an restrictive eating disorder did need to gain weight, when they then reach weight restoration this does not mean they are suddenly fixed. With that in mind someone can be in therapy, have professional help and be a healthy weight and STILL need support. Eating Disorders are mental disorders not diets. If you're supporting someone with a restrictive type ED please still support them until they feel they're recovered mentally too. #edaw2019

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