Small Steps

Personally i think its unrealistic to expect yourself to make progress in life EVERY SINGLE day. I think that putting pressure on yourself to be in a mental place where you're able to take those steps every day is unnecessary. I think if we do our best to make as much progess as we can on as many days as we can, WITHOUT pushing ourselves to our stress breaking point, feeling guilty when we cannot do it and treating ourselves badly because of it, then we will then eventually make progess quicker. I believe that if we look after ourselves in the process of progression then we're more likely to make it. Taking small steps as much as you can is amazing! But we dont have to force ourselves on days where we're not coping. Sure, fighting thoughts is necessary sometimes even every day but if that then leads to a circle of exhaustion whats the point? We can fight the thoughts, or take whatever the small steps might be but it is so important to take a break sometimes too. Break days are just as imporant as the days you fight and give it everything you've got. Using those days to congratulate and give yourself credit for all the small steps you have been able to face and to recharge so you can make more.

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