Some things I've learnt when it comes to Anxiety

One question i get asked almost every day is tips on dealing with anxiety/panic attacks. As you know Im not a therapist so I can not give you professional help however I do have Anxiety and OCD and so have a lot of experience on this area. Throughout the years I have come across some things either on the internet or from therapists. A lot of these you may have heard of before and thats okay! Its important to remember that not everything helps everyone but you never know of it will help till you try it. Disclaimer: none of these things will 'fix' your anxiety they are just a few things I've learnt which you could find helpful in being calmer.

If you want to know how you can help OTHER PEOPLE with a panic attack theres a pdf sheet on my website you can print/read! (Photo description: orange background with peach grid background and white writing. 7 slides with anxiety tips on including processing thoughts, meditation and a grounding technique)

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