Stigma Of OCD

This weeks #mentalhealthmonday post is very important to me, I thats why i would love for you to share it.OCD is highly stigmatized and trivialized because the real meaning of the word is not understood. About twice a day if not more i read a comment on the Internet making a joke about OCD. OCD is not funny, its not a joke and when you joke about it it makes the people that suffer from it feel stupid and angry. Heres some facts about OCD . Please read it.1. OCD is a serious mental illness and is not a quirk or a joke.Just yesterday I saw a greetings card that read OCD and the C was slightly bent and it was captioned with "is this annoying you".Well you know what it did. NOT because the C was bent but because that's not OCD, thats not funny and dont put it on a card as a joke. 2. OCD is not just about being clean or organizing things Many people walk about this earth saying they have OCD because they like things to be tidy. That isn't how it works. A lot of people with OCD dont have issues with cleaning and organizing things and the people that do, its no where near as simple as things being tidy. They feel the compulsive need to tidy. Its not a matter of "i would LIKE this to be straight, or neater or tidier" its not a choice. They clean it, or straighten or organize it because if they dont, it will cause a huge amount of distressing thoughts and feelings. Because they feel they have to otherwise something will happen to them. 3. OCD is not always visible Not everyone has to do tics, repetitive actions and some people only do small compulsions. OCD is thoughts, really scary and upsetting thoughts obess in the mind. Has anyone ever told you something your scared of or something that upsets you? Well its like hearing that but over and over and over...most of the time. This is all in the mind, you can't see it but people are still suffering.4. OCD can cause people to be convinced they are bad people. In many different ways specific to the person they feel as if they are done something that they haven't and that that makes them a bad person. This is because of the obsessive intrusive thoughts convince them its true even though it isn't. These type if thoughts cause fear, self hate and panic. 5. OCD doesn't mean you're fussy. People with OCD are not being fussy, in fact they can't control the thoughts in their head it is not their fault that they may want things a specific way. 

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