Take your Time

This one is aimed at younger people, mostly people leaving school or choosing subjects to study. It could also be aimed at people discovering their sexuality or gender. Theres a fair few people pushing you to make life decisions when leaving school. It sometimes feels like you have to have your whole life plan sorted out and know exactly who you are and what you want to do. Fact is you're allowed to take your time to find where you fit, what you are comfortable with and who you are. You dont have to know that straight away. If you're not ready to make decisions yet then thats okay too. You have your whole life and when you're young because of all the pressure you can forget that theres loads of years to do what you want. Even if you choose something to do/ be and a few years you dont like it, you can change your mind. We worry so much because we don't want to mess up our lives but theres so much life out there that when we mess up its okay because we can keep trying.  Give yourself a break, let yourself know you're doing great no matter what cuz you're still here trying every single day no matter if you know what you're doing or not. No one should be able to force you into making decisions you don't want to make. Stay strong, you're doing great.

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