• Make a list

    Make a list of positive things about yourself to build self love and positivity, for example:

    -all the things you like about your physical features
    -all the things you like about your personality
    -all the good things you did today

  • CarE Box

    Make a care box for you or someone else. inside put loads of things that are helpful to you. here's some examples:




    -colouring pencils


    -hot chocolate



    -positive/mindful books



    -sticky notes


    -stress ball

    -stretchy man

  • reward chart

    You're probably thinking i'm too old for a reward chart, however when you're stressed with all the things that need doing, creating a reward chart means you're giving yourself credit for the tasks you complete, even if they are little ones. Use stickers to congratulate yourself on the chart.

  • Take Self Portraits

    When i say take self portraits, i mean it. set up an image and take pictures of yourself in your favourite outfit and hair style, you never know it could give you confidence. if you can't take self portrait ask someone else to take the photos.

  • journal

    Create a journal that tracks all the things you enjoy about the day. Its good to recognise that we're allowed to have a good time in life, that it doesn't all need to be about work and productivity. Fun and happiness is important to. You have to give yourself a break. You can buy our journal here.

  • Positive Affirmations

    Take a sheet of paper or journal  and fill it with positive affirmations. 

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