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What is Spread Smiles Project?

We want to bring smiles to people who are having a hard time. With spread smiles we literally hand out smiles to people in the form of stickers! We know that a sticker isn’t going to help you long term however we hope that the stiker can at least hold the place of a smile until you are feeling better. We hand the stickers out in two way:

  1. Decorate each individual sticker on the back with a positive message and give to a stranger who looks sad

  2. OR put a few Spread Smiles stickers in the Spread Smiles cards and give to someone you know who needs a smile.

To get involved with Spread Smiles project all you have to do is order the sticker packs! You can either order just the stickers OR the stickers with the mini cards depending on how you want to join in with the project!

Why do we do it?

Together we want to Spread Smiles. No one is smiling every second of the day and some people spend a lot of time being unhappy. Have you ever been feeling low and then you read a little message it made you smile? Do you ever see something and think it is really lovely and given you a little warm feeling? That is why we are doing it. By giving out stickers people can pick up that smile and wear it on their body, it could be replacing the smile they might have lost that day. The more smiles we share the more baby steps we will take to make this world just a tiny bit more positive. It’s also a great way to check on the people to make sure they know they’re not alone.

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Buy a Sticker Pack

Join the project by purchasing a packet of Spread Smile stickers to give people a smile!

Buy a Card Pack

Join the project by purchasing a pack of 6 cards and stickers to give to your loved ones!

Send Directly to a Friend

We can send a card full of Spread Smiles stickers directly to a friend! 

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