Reasons to stay

If you are feeling like harming yourself we are here to tell you do not have to do that. It is likely that your thoughts are making you feel like there is no way out or that you have to harm yourself because you are not enough. We understand that this is so so so scary for you. The thoughts feel so personal and so real but we are here to tell you they are not true. You do not deserve to die. You do not deserve pain. There is another way out. You must be so exhausted from fighting the terrifying things in your head but you are so brave from doing so. We am so proud of you for not giving up you should be proud of yourself for dealing with the thoughts most days. Remember this: they are just thoughts. They can’t harm you. You can tell them no. you do not have to do what they tell you to do. Life will not be this hard forever. Please keep going.

our reasons

  • 1.

    You are not alone.

  • 2.

    You are worthy of life

  • 3.

    You deserve to live.

  • 4.

    You can fight the thoughts

  • 5.

    You are stronger than the thoughts

  • 6.

     Everything you are is enough and no matter what your mind tells you you are still enough

  • 7.

    You are needed by people even though you might not see it.

  • 8.

    All your feelings are valid and no matter how irrational they are it is still okay to feel them just remember they will pass. you will feel okay again.

  • 9.

    You are going to be okay, i know you hear it a lot but it is true. there will be hard time but there will be good times too. it will get easier.

  • 10.

    There are other ways you can get relief from your pain, you do not have to harm yourself. (talk to someone about how you feel, do something thAT YOU ONCE ENJOYED EVEN IF IT DOES NOT MAKE YOU HAPPY IN THE MOMENT. READ SOMETHING HELPFUL.)

  • 11.

    You do not have to listen to your thoughts. they are not right. they don't have to control you.

  • 12.


  • 13.

    Your thoughts are not you. You deserve to be here.

  • 14.


  • 15.


  • 16.


  • 17.


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  • 19.


  • 20.


things that  may help

  • Create a safety plan.

    This could include things like:

    1. Distract yourself from suicidal thoughts. (reading, watching something, talking to a friend, make something, get a temporary tattoo, drink water, listen to music)

    1. Read through/make a list of positive things about yourself (make this when you are more calm if you are prone to feeling suicidal)
    2. Read/make a list of the reasons that have stopped you from from committing suicide in the past.
    5. Delay any suicidal attempt by at least 48 hours. you do not have to do anything on impulse. 
    6. Call someone. a friend, family member, healthcare professional or the crisis line.
    7. Go to a place where you feel safe.
    8. Go to A and E.
    9. Call emergency services.

  • the grounding method.

    This may help to distract you.

    You can say these mentally or physically whatever feels okay.

    1. Look- Name 5 thing you can see around you. e.g a clock

    2. feel- name 4 things you can feel. e.g a fluffy blanket

    3. listen- name three sounds you can hear e.g the wind

    4. smell- name 2 things you can smell e..g rain, candles, food

    5. taste- name 1 thing you can taste e.g food, toothpaste

reasons you submited

  • Fight for a better life

  • And to see the beautiful nature with a sunshine

  • There will be always people who love you. If they tell you or not - a lot of people care!

  • You are stronger than what you believe! There are people who care and who will sit and listen to you, you don’t have to go through anything alone

  • There's places to see, and people to meet

  • Things always get worse before they get better, this shapes us into strong resilient people. We may not be perfect in the end, but you will come out as a warrior (because you will make it out, your brains just tricking you right now), and wouldn’t you want to see how amazing it is at the other end? You don’t need to do this for anyone else but you, and you’ve gotten this far, you can make it a little farther.

  • To feel the breeze by the seaside. To see that it can get better and in that moment discover your own power.

  • Because it gets better

  • And fresh croissants in Paris.

  • prove to yourself that you can do this and your mental illness doesn't have to win. Think of concerts you could go to, things that you really want to do but haven't done yet. For your future, family, pets.

  • Because no matter what you think, YOU MATTER 

  • Because I want you to be here in this fucked up world and show everybody what a strong badass with a good ass you are

  • You have enough strength to beat this, and you will find small moments that will make you happy even though you thought it would never happen again

  • Because theres always doggies that need pats

  • There is always light at the end. Always

  • No matter what you are going through, you will always make it out alive. Even if you don't know it, people love you and you make them happy, pole like your friends, family even the stranger you may have smiled at stay strong because you are beautiful enough to make it okay!!

  • Doggos!

  • Because little baby animals will always appreciate you even if you done appreciate yourself. 

  • There are too many good books to read  food to eat sunsets to see 

  • Because there are unlimited chances in life!!! Because there is always a chance that we get to a better state, and that better state will be happening very soon!!!

  • So many music, TV shows, books, video games that we haven't even discovered and tried yet!!!

  • Things can get better, even if you are at your lowest now. I know the pain feels unbearable but it will pass xxx

  • Because it gets better !!

  • Because when you healed from this pain you will be stronger than ever before!

  • The sound of a running river. Saved me so many times.

  • The sound of rain 🌧

  • The world is a better place with you in it.

  • Books, my dog

  • Because you can achieve so much alive, you can love and share things with those who love you, you can make a difference Daily and you can be an incredible soul in a world which needs so much more if that. You are always worthy xxx

  • When you least expect it someone comes into your life or something happens that changes things and then you will look back and say- I did it because I am stronger than before, I am a strong beautiful person and I deserve to be here! Xx

  • To find yourself and love yourself

  • The future is completely unpredictable, and one day you will look back at all the things you've gone through and experienced, and the times you were at your rock bottom. And you will be so glad and proud you kept fighting. You think it will never get better but there's only one way to find out what the future holds for you. Stay here even if it takes all the strength and more you got today.

  • Because the world is a better place with you in it. Stay strong. These feelings will pass, I promise.

  •  wanna be proud of myself during my entire life and if I kill myself, I'm never gonna realize this dream

  •  sky and ponies 💓

  • You’ll never find out if things get better if your not here to see it ❤️

  • Because everyday is a new day with a chance for new opportunities

  • To see your favourite band play live

  • Because you only get one life, one chance on this planet and even though it feels like it isn’t enough and nothing feels genuinely good, it is. There are infinite things to see and explore, and even if you don’t feel A-okay doing them, it isn’t worth throwing away those glimmers of happiness and life experience 🤝

  • I've seen so many comments saying "because it gets better". Yes, people with suicidal thoughts have stopped believing things can get better. But just with like people with anxiety, it doesn't go away by people telling you to "calm down". It is the obvious thing to think but it's hard to believe... My therapist told me that suicide isn't just about depression, is about losing the meaning of life. So I'd say that a reason to stay is because you deserve to give yourself a chance to find what is meaningful TO YOU. Finding yourself again after losing yourself in a whirlwind of negative thoughts is a decision that you have to take for yourself and you'll have to put work into it; but when you come out the other side, you'll realize it was worth it. You realize that it is possible to feel like yourself again. You are not you're thoughts and you are not your failures. You deserve to give you a chance to be you again without all that weight.

  • The strength of my story will save others🔥🙏🔥🙏🔥

  •  someone that went through a hard time with depression and anxiety, I can tell you it is POSSIBLE to come out of it. Find a therapist, no matter what anyone else thinks about you going to one. Going to my therapist has been the best act of self-care I could ever have made. And again, start looking for what is meaningful to you. Start writing, start volunteering, start learning a new language, spend time in nature. You'll see that life will have meaning again in time.

  • Because there are people who love you, even if you don’t know it or can’t accept it.

  • Because no matter what you think someone loves you and your death will hurt them forever.

  • because breathing is the most precious gift that is always taken for granted.

  • The most delicious ice cream you have yet to taste ❤️🍦

  • To pet all the doggos!!

  • To be the person you needed when you were younger

  • Because you haven’t had the best day of your life yet

  • Or the best food

  • Because wonderful things ARE going to happen, you just can’t see them yet ❤️

  • Because you’ll be okay, one day, and it will be more beautiful than you ever imagined

  • Because your pets will get sad and wonder where you are

  • Fresh baked cookies, watching sunsets, places you haven’t explored before, making new friends, petting the softest dog or cat... these are some on my list that hangs beside my bed. Sometimes it’s the most practical or simple things that helps you realize there is more to life than darkness

  • Because pain is temporary...... just like happiness and sadness and anger..... it WILL pass and it will come again. But that is life. You are strong enough and You are not alone. Many people suffer from suicidal ideation. (🙋🏻‍♀️) Find someone who understands you and makes you feel supported - friend, therapist, doctor, family member, church official .... it doesn’t matter. Just don’t go it alone.

  • because this too shall pass. It may pass like a freakin kidney stone, but it will pass💞💞💞

  • Your dog wagging the tail when you greet them

  • The smell of rain

  • Pets

  • Feed my cats

  • Because the sun is still there however many clouds it is hiding behind. 🌞

  • Because YOU are loved

  • The feeling of the sun on your face on that one perfect sunny day ☀️

  • Melted butter on a toasted hot cross bun on a cold morning ♥️

  • cupcakes and dog cuddles x

  • When a cat purrs super loud just because you tickled them a wee bit under their chin. And that cat smile when you do!

  • Sunsets, adventures and interesting conversations.

  • because you are loved despite what you may be thinking and you will be missed terribly if you don’t

  • and because you will be missing out on billions of things which are in your future!

  • the moon will always be there 💘

  • The light may seem like it’s miles away but it’s coming. I promise. I’ve been there before❤️

  • You are beautiful and someones life would be changed if you weren't there

  • Because you need to see the beauty and light in you.

  • There’s a whole world AND universe out there for you to explore! You will see things more beautiful than you can possibly imagine if you stay❤️

  • To see more sunrises

  • Because there are small miracles and beauties in everyday life. The night sky, sunsets/ sun rises/ hugs from friends and family, your favourite snack and drink, tv shows and books you can lose yourself in💗

  • All of the little things that make life wonderful. To smell flowers, to watch the sun rise, to taste the flavours in your food. To feel human touch, a hug, a kiss. To cuddle a cat or dog, to smile at strangers, to fall in love. To be loved by so many. So many beautiful reasons to stay alive.

  • Because the difficult times will end and once you begin to see the light, you will be glad you kept fighting 💖

  • because this WILL pass. because you are loved so much more than you could realize. because the world needs YOU and your unique individual makeup to be here, as you. 💓

  • Forgiveness

  • My reason: my nephew 
    For others: this world is so amazing. people care about you. sit outside for a few minutes. Enjoy nature. Smell some flowers. Pet an animal. Smile or say hi to someone passing by.

  • Knowing that no matter what happens or has happened, somebody loves you. Whether you understand why or not there is someone out there who loves you with all of their heart

  • When it is winter, you can’t imagine summer. But it comes around even so. If you hold on through your winter, there will be a summer. And it is worth the fight to see it xAs time passes so do the tough times, your future can be what ever you want it to be and you are as worthy as anybody else to have a fun and exciting happy life

  • All the animals you havent pet yet. All the flowers you have smelt. All the sunsets you havent seen

  • Feeling the sun on your skin 🌞

  • you are important and your story is important and your survival will save other people.

  • Stay because the world needs tender hearts, deep feelers, compassionate souls. Surviving your struggles may give you the ability to help someone else. Stay to create something beautiful to share, a garden, a poem, a painting, a song. Stay to rescue kittens and sweep your friends front porch. Stay because that black hole that you are in right now is real, but it isn’t the full picture. Stay to have a chance to climb out. Stay to help someone else climb out because you know what that feels like. Stay to plant milkweed for monarch caterpillars, because if there is ever a question if something beautiful can come out of a dark place, butterflies know the answer.

  • Because there is help out there . You r not alone

  • Because this life is beautiful with everything in it. YOU ARE LOVED BEYOND MEASURES. This will pass I promise you, you are amazing, incredible, beautiful unique human being. THE WORLD NEEDS YOU❤️

  • It’s never too late to chase your dream

  • Cat cuddles and purrs 🐈

  • My reason, my grandchildren. I want to see them grow into the amazing adults I know they will become. They’ve got everything ahead of them and I need to be there for them.

  • My reason, my grandchildren. I want to see them grow into the amazing adults I know they will become. They’ve got everything ahead of them and I need to be there for them.

  • New music and old music all the music in the world

  • If you die you cannot watch anime or Netflix ever again. You can't stay late at night talking with a bestie, eating pizza and laughing out loud to You will miss so many sunrises and sunsets.

  • The sound of heavy rain

  • When everything feels like darkness, something happens out the blue that is so wonderful. You will think to yourself "Wow I may not have been here to see this" Take each day at a time. I'm praying for all the weary souls. I'm fighting it myself and trying to stay positive. God bless you all. Much love ❤

  • sunsets n soulmates 💖.

  • More people love you than you will ever know. The pain when you are gone is do hard for them to cope with. You are wonderful

  • Fluffy doggo butts and floppy doggo ears, honey buns, walks in nature, all the pretty butterflies and flowers, the feeling of overcoming a hurdle, pizza, hugs from others, rainbows, the feeling of a warm breeze on your face and most importantly....your beautiful reflection 🌼

  • You are unique and irreplaceable.. Fight!

  • Because in a years time it won't be as hard as it is today, day at a time x

  • To hear that one person’s laugh that always makes you laugh because it sounds so loud, funny, unique, or whatever else you love about it

  • to be annoyed at your siblings and then love them still

  • You belong here

  • Because you mean much more to somebody than you could ever imagine, you are LOVED ❤

  • Meeting new people, hearing new stories, making new friends, visit new places, listening to new music, seeing new art, petting new puppies and kittens, discovering new flavors, finding new hobbies

  • Because the future is full of sooooo many possibilities and you get to design your own life, on your own terms. You can create your own future and make new choices and don't be afraid to make mistakes! As long as you learn from life, it was no mistake. Stay strong everybody! It will all get better, I hope sooner than you think. ❤️❤️

  • Don't do it because you haven't seen everything you are meant to yet. Don't do it because of that book that you haven't read yet that'll make you laugh. Don't do it because of that TV series that you will binge watch and love and constantly reference for ever more. Don't do it because of your pet (or the one you want to have one day). Don't do it because you are so smart and you're going to do something incredible one day. Don't do it because you have a purpose, even if you don't know it yet. Don't do it because of long walks on beaches, strangers smiles and lullaby rain on your window. Don't do it because one day you'll look back to this moment and be infinitely glad you stayed. Don't do it because people care, even strangers in a comment section on an Instagram post you just happened to come across. We care. Stay 💕

  • Because there is so much left to do. So many favorite coffee shops to find, so many favorite songs, so many memories to make

  • Looking at the night sky

  • Because you have so much left to do to find a new hobby to see a new film to see different people countries and experiences the beauty of the world and we care so stay ❤️❤️❤️

  • there is nobody else in the whole world like you! You are unique and the world would not be the same without you in it 💛

  • When you're in a group and have a genuine laugh all together, you feel like a part of something

  • Because every day is different, there's more hope in the future. The pain decreases with time and in the future you might see things from a different perspective, understand yourself better and find people who are able to support you. Living with depression is hard: acknowledging and treating it is really brave and should not be considered a weakness.

  • because of the lord and for the sake of my mom

  • Because I truly believe that you will find hope and joy as you seek it out. 💗

  • You can make people further happy and this humans will be thankful for it ❤

  • Music

  • because although you may feel like no one cares about you and all hope is lost,, i guarantee that there is at least one person who loves you. whether it be a friend,, family member,, or even a pet,, they love you. the future holds so much possibility,, and you hold the power to change your future for the better 💗💗

  • For a better tomorrow

  • to give yourself a chance to show yourself love: even a long bath or shower, a nourishing meal or a walk somewhere new

  • Harry Potter, books, walks in nature, peanut butter, friends, family, dogs, the small things on life 💕

  • Because you cannot give in to yourself and many people do not have a choice of not dying eg someone with a terminal illness. so throwing your life away is unfair as life is precious. No matter how tough you must always hang on as there is always a light at the end of the tunnel ❤️

  • To find your specific purpose in life x

  • It gets better 😘

  • STRAIGHT UP LITTLE SOLDIER it's life and not heaven, we are not the only ones experiencing pain, depression and life disappointment, whether we feel alone and tired of everything, there's always other ppl like us that didn't gave up in life yet, they're still fighting their deamons to live a better life tomorrow. but nothing in life comes for free, to have this better life you gotta fight your feeling today and say " SCREW YOU _|_ MY STORY WON'T END TODAY " Then stand up and start building a better future for yourself, why? because you deserve all the goodness, after all what you've been trough. >> that's what I told myself everytime i put a knife to my veins, I believe that we should never lose faith, especially on ourselves and that we could do so much to change this crual world

  • For those moments where something completely innocuous makes you laugh until you can’t breathe x

  • Finding your favorite book

  • Animals such as donkeys, horses, dogs. They love company and humans. They love you back. 

  • Getting dogs and petting bunnies

  • Getting finger hugs from sea urchins I know its silly and maybe even stupid to some people but if you have ever gotten a finger hug from a sea urchin you would understand

  • Puppies!

  • Sunsets

  • A smile from a stranger (or someone you know)

  • The mystery of tomorrow. You never know what beauty there could be.

  • For all the people you haven’t met yet

  • ecause you have an inner strength and resilience that although you may not believe, is keeping you alive 💪🏻 You are a phenomenal, amazing person and the world needs you here 💖

  • Your hubster, your cat, new movies

  • twitter fights, there’s probably some more food in the fridge, movies, your best friends smile

  • It will get better

  • There is someone who can help you

  • Time is constantly moving forward. Things change. You can do this xx

  •  watch a baby walk for the first time

  • To see your child’s smile every morning, to help them with their homework, watch them delight in little surprises, help them through the struggles of growing up in this sometimes crazy world, to see them look for you in a crowd at a performance, feel pride when they accomplish something you’ve helped them with, for that feeling when they run up to you with excitement when you get home, and to watch them grow up into an amazing, kind and beautiful person that you brought into this world.

  • puppies who need all the love

  • The best day of your life is yet to come ❤️

  • Having your favorite food ever with good friends. All the shows you haven’t finished on Netflix ❤️

  • Butter chicken. Netflix. All the books left to read. Dogs. Flowers. Hugs.

  • love ❤️

  • To raise my daughter to have more self confidence than me

  • Your best friends laugh, your pets cuddles, all the pasta and wine you haven’t tasted, the sunsets you haven’t seen, the love you haven’t even received yet.

  • I personally don’t kill myself because I have come to realize that suicide is just passing along the pain to the people who care about you, not getting rid of it.

  • All this comments are amazing, thank you all

  • Stay alive:.. To eat Mint choc chip ice cream, to see the first peaceful snowfall of winter again, to get hugs from your mom, for when the cat actually wants some pets, to take more time to rest, to be able to help someone else. I'm so glad you are here, you are important to this world!

  • Because no one should have to bury their child

  • It may feel unbearable right now, but things WILL change. They just do. Stick around, and one day you’ll be looking back on this day - amazed at how much has changed & how completely differently you feel. It WILL get better!

  • You’re not alone, no matter how much you might feel that you are. There are others (lots of others) that are feeling the same pain as you, and even more people that have felt it in the past and have got through it. You CAN ride it out, it WILL pass. In the future you might even choose to use your experience to help others that can’t see their way out yet. You are valuable now and you are valuable in the future. You’re needed, you’re cared about, and you’re lovable. It might seem impossible right now but this WILL pass and things WILL get better.

  • Because it gets better. It always does just keep going.

  • Because life is precious, all bad things just will pass away sooner or later, and life always give you one more chance to be happy

  • Sunrise and sunset

  • My daughter

  • Because things can get better! If life can be crap it can also be amazing! 
    You are stronger than you think and you have the power to help others around you too! You are amazing and you are loved and you are enough and you are beautiful! Keep going. Pain can’t last forever! ❤️❤️

  • Because it does get better. Life isnt just always positive. Its okay to be down sometimes. But suicide is never the awnser

  • u have to stay bcs u can make a difference in this world. and go to Ghibli amusement park #hugss

  • Swimming at the beach 🏖

  • Sunsets

  • Because the pain doesn’t die with you. It gets passed on to every single person that loves you. Let them spend their tears crying with you when you’re alive and getting through the shitstorm together, rather than crying for you alone. You are not a burden. You are worth fighting for. You are loved.

  • Because you shouldn't make permanent decisions on temporary feelings, it does get better and everyone is loved by someone, no matter who you are, you are loved

  •  my personal one would be 'the fact that the sky never looks the same twice'

information about suicidal thoughts


Disclaimer: This information was written as awareness however is not written by mental health professionals therefore always contact a doctor or mental health team if you need long term or immediate help.

Suicide is usually caused by someone experiencing suicidal thoughts. Suicidal thoughts are often caused by any of the following things:
-A mental health issue such as:
- Depression
- Generalised Anxiety Disorder
- Social Anxiety Disorder
- Obsessive Compulsive disorder (OCD)
- Panic Disorder
- Bipolar Disorder
- Anorexia Nervosa
- Borderline personality disorder (BPD)
- body dysmorphic disorder ​
- schizophrenia 
- Low mood
Other causes:
- Feeling hopeless
- Substance abuse
- Feeling lonely or secluded
- Difficulties accepting sexual or gender identity
As most feelings of suicide is caused by suicidal thoughts a helpful thing to is to work out what to do when you experience these thoughts rather than just having them and sitting with them inside your head. this can be very very scary but making a plan is important. something that has been suggested by a lot of mental health professionals is to make a safety plan. this is something that you can use when you are experiencing suicidal thoughts especially if they are there on a regular basis.
A safety plan is a list of things you can do when you feel suicidal to help keep yourself safe. there is an example below. We have made a safety plan worksheet that you can print from here and fill it out which is based on looking through safety plan sheets made by mental health teams. print it and fill it out to make your own one
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