#Wearestillbrave is a mental health campaign...

...we started to change the attitudes towards those living with mental illness. Often people who suffer mentally get affected by negative comments from those who don’t understand. Living with mental illness can bring a lot of challenges, often meaning that they find it hard to do certain things because they feel really scary, often these are things that the average person can do easily. To name a few, leaving the house, getting on public transport, talking to people, or eating.


Mental illness affects everyone differently and depending on what disorder they have  the things they find hard are different. However because they find things hard and feel anxious a lot of the time others assume that this makes them cowards. They receive comments like ‘stop being so pathetic’ or ‘You’re not even trying you’re just giving up’ or ‘It’s not even scary it’s stupid that you’re scared of this’ or ‘Just man-up’. This is caused by them not understanding the fact that how people who have mental disorders minds don’t work in the same way that theirs do.


In reality people struggling with their mental health have to be brave every single day because they are anxious but still battle the heavy feelings their mind force them to feel every day. They have to have courage just do to the normal things that other do without even thinking. Thats so so brave. Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean they’re not trying. If you could see the intense thoughts that they get you wouldn’t call them pathetic, they don’t lack courage and bravery they have to use it regularly just to process their own thoughts.

With this campaign we want to change the attitudes towards those struggling with their mental health so that instead of insulting people, others will be supportive. To help people understand that they are being really brave just by trying to battle an anxiety or do something that’s really scary to them. The name ‘We are still Brave’ we hope will give a voice to those with mental illness to say I struggle mentally but I am still brave.

we asked our followers on instagram...

  • Do you feel that others do not think you have courage or bravery because of your mental illness? 

    648 people said yes. 

    78 people said no.

  • have you ever been called names like coward, pathetic weak ect because of your mental health/symptoms of your mental illness?

    583 people said yes.

    217 people said no.

  • do you feel others put you down when you don't 'succeed' when battling an anxiety?

    608 people said yes.

    116 peoples said no.

  • does this make you feel like your not good enough?

    732 people said yes.

    31 people said no.

How to take part in the campaign

Anyone can take part all you have to do is use the hashtag #wearestillbrave in a photo on Instagram.


In the caption talk about how you are brave and what battles you face which make you brave.


The picture can be a photo of you holding a sign, a drawing, an illustration digital or paper, anyway you want to do it. You can write about whatever you like however we hope you will share some difficulties you face with your mental health, anxieties you have to face because of it and how often you face these fears


When you post your posts don’t forget to use the #hashtag and tag us so we can share your post to get the message around!

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