Explaining Your Brain

Here is a work sheet you can down load to help you explain your mental health when trying to talk to someone like a friend or a doctor. it can be hard to go to the doctors asking for therapy or mental health support as knowing what to say to get help inst easy. You can fill out this to help you. Download the PDF and print it out.

Helping with a panic attack

Helping someone with a panic attack illustrationpdf

safety plan

A safety plan is a list of things you can do when you feel suicidal to help keep yourself safe. there is an example below. We have made a safety plan worksheet that you can print from here and fill it out which is based on looking through safety plan sheets made by mental health teams. print it and fill it out to make your own one.

SElf forgiveness letter

Download a printable sheet which helps you to say sorry for the self hate you give yourself and generates more self love.

battling thoughts.jpg

Battling thoughts

Once you printed out the sheets you fill out one in the morning when you wake up and are feeling anxious and one in the evening before you go to bed. Often with anxiety our thoughts can take up a lot of our day because they make us scared and overthink for long periods of time. This can be so excusting and can get in the way of your productivity, motivation and can make it really hard to do day to day tasks. The idea of these work sheets is you are dedicating 10-20 mins each day to give attention to your anxious thoughts. this may or may not mean that you are tackling them before you start the day OR before you go to bed so you can get some sleep! 

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