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The worry box is an ANONYMOUS place where you can share something that you need advice for. Every week we will pick one of the submissions and share it on a post on our Instagram. In the caption we will offer any advice we have and leave the comments open for those following us to leave their own advice too. We feel that by opening the conversation up to our followers too, there might be someone there who has been in a similar situation and may be able to make you feel better about it than we could! Please read the terms and conditions before submitting.

Please note if you are in crisis this is not a crisis line. All submissions are anonymous therefore we will not be able to contact you and will not read submissions stragiht away. If you need support please use a helpline linked below. Thank you

Terms and conditions

1. Understand this is not a crisis line and we will not be able to contact you from your submission

2. Do not mention any REAL names in your submission as we do not want to publicly discuss others without permission. You may refer to people under fake names or generic names such as 'Mum'.

3. Please only share something that is your information to share.

4. By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions you understand that your submission may be posted on your Instagram anonymously and you give us consent to do so.

5. We will not post EVERY submission.


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